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Hello and welcome to Phoenix Proofreading!

My name is Viv and I have been working with written words for over 20 years as a Technical Author and Managing Editor for a publishing company and as a proofreader and writer for an English-language newspaper in Spain. I have a passion for our language, with all its quirks, and love written work to be brought to life; to flow and to shine. I am a firm believer that we all need our written work proofread and edited by someone else and at times that includes my own writing!

I provide a professional service tailored to your individual needs, be it basic proofreading with grammar and punctuation checks or a full copy-editing service looking at heading structure, language consistency and style. Whether you are producing a poster or leaflet or something more detailed, such as a report, I can work with you to ensure your words have the right impact. If you are on the last minute with your document and are perilously close to your deadline I can provide a 24-hour turnaround depending on the size of the document.

Whatever your document needs, Phoenix Proofreading is here to help. Simply get in touch for a quote.
I really look forward to us working together and bringing your words to life.


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